Building a
Sustainable Future

A society where beautiful things remain beautiful.
A society where precious things remain for a long time.
A society where value evaluation of diverse things is natural.
We are committed in challenge our society to be a "Sustainable Society."

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To achieve e a sustainable society, some technologies from Japan will bring to New Zealand. We also manage some practical projects and aim to provide the system to other countries.

We care about "real thing" and deal with only "real" products and technologies.
"Real thing" has to have such features;

It does not harm anything we deal with
It improves something we deal with
It is high quality, safe and reliable
It is simple but versatile.

Our Projects

1. Sustainable Ecosystem Project
 Enzyme water 'Enishi'

2. Sustainable Life Well-being Project
 Liquid Glass Coating Armadill-o Yoroi-Armour
 Mag chan

3. Sustainable Community Project
 Linkeage New Zealand